Used and Abused

Used and Abused is a spicy section of Emilia's shop that includes discounted items, such as paperbacks and hardcovers that have minor tears or damages. All books are still readable and can be consumed, but their covers, spines, or edges may have some damage.

Discounts range from 20% to 40% based on how damaged it is.

  • Marks

    Books tagged with Marks have little damage, such as minor scuffing on cover or curled cover corners.

    When you see the Marks tag, you get 20% off!

  • Bites

    Books tagged with Bites have a bit more damage, such as scuffing on cover and folded or curled covers / pages.

    When you see the Bites tag, you get 30% off!

  • Bruises

    Books tagged with Bruises have the most damage, such as heavy scuffing on cover, spine, or edges or curled cover corners.

    When you see the Bruises tag, you get 40% off!