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Author Emilia Rose

Four Masked Wolves

Four Masked Wolves

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My life just turned into a game of survival.

With their faces hidden behind masks, my four wolf-shifter best friends hunt me down in the forest like prey, their haunting howls piercing the darkness.

I run. And I run. And I run.

Yet as terrifying as the chase is, I can't deny the thrill of being pursued by these powerful wolves. When they finally catch me, I'm swept away into a world of passion and danger beyond my wildest dreams.

But can I truly trust my captors, even as they vow to protect me from the dark secrets that haunt my past? As I struggle to find my place in this pack of werewolves, I realize that the biggest threat to my safety may come from within.

For I, too, am a monster. A creature with powers and secrets that even I don't fully understand. And as I surrender to the intense desires and primal instincts that bind me to these four dangerous men, I wonder if their protection will be enough to keep me safe from the monster that lurks within.

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