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Author Emilia Rose

The Twins

The Twins

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The twin alphas will do anything to claim every inch of my body.

My Number One rule has always been business before pleasure. As a human who trains packs of werewolves everyday, temptation lurks around every corner. From their large canines that could sink right into my neck to their brute strength, I always have the strength to resist.

Until I meet the twins.

When they hire me to help strengthen their weakest members, these bad boys make it their mission to break me. And while I’m determined to never let pleasure interfere, there’s something about the twins that I can’t seem to resist.

But can I fight the urge to fall in love with them? Can I heal them from their shattered past?

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Don't forget the holy water!

After reading this steamy romance book, you're going to need it 😉 These pages are packed with drool-worthy goodness!